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Thursday, February 9, 2017

IMS Product Lines

The focus of attention is to develop the product lines and manufacturing operations as it applies to Studio 1325. I have been building the sales office and the travel exhibition in this regard. Actual implementation of sales activity will be contingent upon the manufacturing operations. Although we are setting up manufacturing in house, the objective is for limited edition production. Any large scale mass production will be jobbed out and that will fall under a licensing contract. Those contracts will be contingent upon the licensee taking the initiative, because IMS is concentrating on developing new markets on an ongoing basis. That development takes priority over production & manufacturing. Our entrance into manufacturing & distribution will be wholely dependent upon our need to increase cash flow. As much as I like the idea of expanding operations in the direction of manufacturing & distribution, I have to admit that I prefer to remain in developing the prototypes for these arenas. If any of this is of interest to you, let me know. That's all for now. AG

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Status of this blog

Well as you may notice, I do not post too often to this blog. I thought I would get this site going, but frankly I have been too busy with other work to attend to it. However, I feel like getting the Photo  Stock Library going is something that will be occurring in the not-to-distant future. So have hope that this page will grow. AG

Friday, December 27, 2013


Welcome to the page for the array of products being offered by Image of the Mind Studios.

  • At present, for tax purposes, these product are only being offered at the wholesale level  and thus there will be minimum quantities involved in submitting an order for product.
  • If you wish to purchase less than the minimum quantity you may send an email and we will direct you to a reseller who is currently carrying the product line 
  • If you are a manufacturer who would like to license a product, please send an email to Arthur Greisiger at

Gnomeville Trading Cards

Here's a preview of the first batch of 
Trading Cards- The Citizens of Gnomeville.  

Other aspects of life in Gnomeville will also appear as Trading Cards and we are hoping to see these cards become part of the traditional Bubble Gum or included in a Special package of "Gnome Gnuts" or "Gnog Logs".  These confectionary items are in development and will likely be licensed to another company which specializes in food products, to manufacture and distribute.  As you can see, Gnog Logs are flavored to accompany Gnome Gnog.

"Gnome Gnog" is a beverage invented by Gnuthead, the proprietor of The Gnot Hole, he and his partner Gnomus have also been hired by Dandy Andy to serve as assistants to the Diva, Robin Wren.

So it is that even though they are busy running The Gnot Hole and brewing Gnome Gnog, they divide their time by helping to carry the Diva's pedestal to all the events in Gnomeville where she is expected to sing.

Of course the Trading Cards will also have important information, special offers and some will have secret messages printed on the reverse, making them even more special. The batches will be consecutively numbered, making them even more collectable.

As with all the other items here on this page, this is being presented for the benefit of our business partners and they are not yet being sold for purchase by the general public. These items will be available for release to the public in cooperation with the release of  the Illustrated Story-book and the premiere of the Stage Musical. Inquiries are welcomed.